Groupexhibition TB 2 RL at +DEDE

+dede plus dede exhibition TB2RL lukas liese josephin hanke claude eigan flavio degen olga krykun Agnieszka Szostek.png

Opening of the Exhibition TB 2 RL at +DEDE, Mörikestr. 4-12, 12437 Berlin on November 30th from 6 to 10 PM. Together with Flavio Degen, Claude Eigan, Josephin Hanke, Olga Krykun, Lukas Liese and Agnieszka Szostek. Curated by Tristan Deschamps. Flyer by Wibke Stark.

The exhibition will run over the weekend on appointments. 


We shape the Internet by uploading content. From images to articles, from products to people, with each passing day we become more accustomed to this behaviour.
This transfer of information is not a one-way street. Our power to influence the media we consume has another effect: it alters our perception of the reality.
We have lost all faith in our governance: we do not fear those in power, nor do we respect them. The rituals surrounding death are changing: we don’t need ghosts when the dead
are still present on social media. No longer do we trust the judgement of our peers, preferring instead the judgement of algorithms and strangers.
Our new habits make us comfortable, happier, better connected. But they also highlight our malaise, our anxieties and the divides between us.
With TB 2 RL +DEDE has brought together artists whose work addresses the spill over from the digital world into our offline lives. 

Text by Sebastian Fuller